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FAQs - and Tips on Ordering:

(1)  If you live in North Carolina, you will be charged sales tax.  The only alternative is to arrange to have a friend of yours who lives in another state place your order for you.  When it arrives at his house, he can then ship it to your home in NC.  He can also bring you cakes containing steel files on visiting day in the slammer.  My suggestion -- pay the tax or go for the plea deal by being the first to rat him out.  Can you say win-win?

(2)  If you live overseas (or in the case of Canada and Mexico, over the border), the good news is you don't have to pay sales tax (unless you arrange to have a friend of yours who lives in NC order it for you).  The bad news is that the postal services of both countries charge as if their planes are using premium unleaded gas mixed with Kentucky's finest.  The okay news is that you may wish to experiment due to the miracle of flat-rate boxes.  While a single volume of The Trapdoor costs $42.25 to Canada and $61.75 everywhere else, you can purchase two volumes for the same cost because I can fit two volumes into the same flat-rate box.  Three volumes jumps to $80.50.  (June 2020 update: These were the prices before the recent price increase.)

Another Strategy to Cut CostsOnce your order is in excess of (about) six pounds, the marginal cost for each pound is MUCH lower.  Your costs may drop dramatically.

     To experiment, fill your cart with different combinations and click on "estimate shipping cost" followed by "update shopping cart."

     My recommendation - try to get volume discounts by hoodwinking a bunch of your magic friends into ordering with you.  They don't even have to be magicians.

(3)  Credit cards are processed through PayPal.  You do NOT have to have a PayPal account to order with your credit card.  Simply fill your cart, choose "proceed to checkout," and you will be brought to PayPal's website.  Once there, click on "Open PayPal Account" and it will give you the option of paying with your credit card -- without opening a PayPal account.  What they lack in clarity, they make up for in convenience.

(4)  If you have money left over after placing your order, you have done something terribly wrong.  Please drop a few more products into your shopping cart and proceed to checkout.  I can spend the surplus money better than you.  Remember, if you don't own one of everything on the website, the terrorists win.

(5) Please do not burn calories asking us to change the value of the books shipped internationally.  Those calories can be better burned learning new card tricks.  Waiting for the negative response will only delay your order and the weight loss you could already be enjoying.

(6) Books are lovingly packaged and then shipped via USPS only (media rate in the U.S.) unless the order exceeds $1000 and then you can choose the carrier within reason. Heck, I'll strap them into a first-class seat on the Concorde if you pay the cost.  For an additional ticket and travel expenses, I'll accompany the package to ensure it arrives.  If you would like double packaging, there will be an additional fee to cover time and cost of materials.  




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