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Pre-Owned Books

Hurry, only one copy of most books.


The minimum postage/handling charge is $6.00.  If the actual postage for your order is more than $3 less than the amount you were charged, the difference will be refunded immediately (usually, the same day the order is shipped).  (The $3 covers packaging supplies.) Each country costs a different amount and each book weighs a different amount so the international calculation for USED books can be high or low. If you think there is an error in the calculation, please feel free to e-mail me.  I don't profit from the postage.  (Apparently, neither does USPS.)

Check back often.  I usually add a couple dozen books per month. Sometimes I'm more ambitious and drop 50 to 100 books on the website at one time.

You might try searching: collectible, bizarre, business, presentation, lecture (notes) and mental for the type of book. You can also search "hard" for "hardcover/hard cover." You might also try "spiral" or "soft" and hope for similar results. This is not 100% accurate as I zone out while typing the details. For example, not all mentalism books have mental as a key word in their descriptions.   

Most of the used books for sale here are left over from assimilating my friend Phil Willmarth's library into mine.  Where the books were from his library, most carry his personal library stamp and/or his signature (even if the condition is marked "like new.") In most cases, I only have one copy of each book so it is first come, first served. (In some instances, the books came to Phil through assimilating the libraries of his friends.) The books are generally in very good condition.  Serious condition issues will be noted in the description.  If you have concerns about a particular book which interests you, feel free to contact me.  Be aware, some of the books may have notes or highlights from Phil, the previous owner, or me. This is not common and I try to note anything more than a signature or bookplate of the previous owner.  If you are looking for a particular book, search the author's name or the title of the book.

The Fine Print --  In the unlikely event that the inventory flag was not properly set, it is possible the same book could be ordered twice.  If this occurs, the second person placing the order for the same item will be notified and the money refunded immediately.  (In the last 24 months, this has happened only twice.)  You do not have to check to see if the book is available.  If you can see it on the website, then all my records indicate it is available.

Please feel free to write with questions, but also be aware that the ordering process is automated.  Books are still available to others until the order for those books is actually placed, paid for, and accepted.  If you choose to order outside of the standard website process (e.g. e-mail, PayPal billing, etc.) the book is still available for someone else to order until I return to my office and key your request into the website.  For this reason, orders placed directly through the website are encouraged and have priority over all other orders.   

I included only the item's basic information as most of the people using this website are already familiar with most of the items listed.  The prices on the used books are subject to change without notice.  In fact, I feel some of them changing in the short time you have been reading this so perhaps you should read faster.

There is a wealth of material here including classics and hard-to-find gems, most at a fraction of what I paid for my first copy of the same item.  Scroll down and enjoy!


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